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Riz began to be known for our  delicious tasting Halal cakes and pastries by our families and friends.  We decided to share our cakes to all in June 2010 via our online page. Over time, we received great response for us to take bigger orders & decided to grow our business by opening our very own baking studio in 2014 with NEA food license. After opening our baking studio, we received lots of feedbacks asking us to open a retail outlet whereby fans can taste our bakes everyday. As such, we opened our first retail outlet in 2016 at JCube, Jurong East Central. After 2 years Riz have moved to East Village Mall till today.

There are no shortcuts in making a perfect cake. At Riz we emphasized on top ingredients, best service and lots of love in making the perfect cake. With a wide range of delights selection such as macarons, eclairs, traditional Malay cakes and cupcakes, there is something to suit every palate.  At Riz, making cakes is an art, and the evidence is in the delectable deco on our cakes and even on each freshly baked cupcake.

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Customers can be assured of the highest quality cakes when they placed their order from us.

Our main objective by establishing Riz is to add value to other people life through our cakes and delights. Hope you will enjoy it!

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