Due to the bespoke nature of our products and services, our prices can vary and are individually quoted based on your requirements. Our cake prices starts from the following:-




8" Cake for 12-16 pax from S$140 Onwards

9" Cake for 15-20 pax from S$160 Onwards

10" Cake for 20-25 pax from S$180 Onwards

12" Cake for 30-35 pax from S$200 Onwards


Price Inclusive of Plastic knife for cake cutting.





6” + 8” Cake for 25-30 pax from S$290 Onwards

6” + 9” Cake for 35-40 pax from S$310 Onwards

6” + 10” Cake for 45-50 pax from S$330 Onwards


Price Inclusive of Plastic knife for cake cutting.


Above 50pax, please contact us for quotation.


Prices above are basic price that includes the following:
- Round shape cake only
- Reasonable amount of decorations/basic design
- One set of name and “Happy Birthday” wordings laying flat on iced board
- Normal Candles and plastic knife

Additional Charges on following items:

  • Numeric Candle @ S$2.00 per pc (Sample Link)

  • 3D handmold Numeric Candle with design @ S$3.00 per pc (Sample Link)

  • Iced/Fondant board
    - Cake Board with Icing Cream @ additional S$5-S$15
    - Cake Board with Fondant @ additional S$10-S$20

  • Extension of cake board

  • Decorations on cake board

  • Non-standard shapes and sizes

  • 3D sculptured or irregular shapes of cakes
    (ie. Handbag cake, 3D Train cake, flowers, Castle Design, Tree)

  • People molding

  • Additional of sugar decorations

  • Cartoon figurines (normally provided by customers)

  • Shopping of cake decorations on behalf of customer